San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. Travel to the hottest spots in the US this August. Photo by: Pexels /
San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. Travel to the hottest spots in the US this August. Photo by: Pexels /

Explore Unique Locations from Downtown to Yellowstone

Travel to new areas around the globe, and browse over these top destinations for adventure.

In Colorado, there is the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park and Pikes Peak to experience. Both have unique beauty to them.


The Royal Gorge Bridge offers whitewater rafting between the gorge on the Arkansas River. The rapids within this section of the river range in the Class III-V. These rapids are rated more extreme, but can be rewarding when a run is completed with a team or a group of friends.

Yellowstone National Park hosts an active volcano and an average of 1,000-3,000 earthquakes a year. First established in 1872 as the first national park in the United States, Yellowstone Park became on of the most sought locations to visit for generations.

In 2015, Yellowstone Park’s visitation topped the 4 million. July has been the park’s busiest month, but the travel to the park and back may be more relaxing in August.

San Francisco offers a wide range of culture, culinary options, fashion, business and music. VICE reviews the downtown area, and uses Google Maps to give an interactive look at the city.

Canada has countless breath-taking visuals from the west to the east coast. It becomes more manageable in the summer months to travel through the mountains.

Watch and explore each of these locations below with YouTube. Travel to your past favorite spots, and find some new ones this August.

Royal Gorge Bridge

InDepth - Predicting Old Faithful

Hiking Half Dome, Yosemite National Park

Streets by VICE: San Francisco (Market St.)

Great Bear Rainforest in 4K - Exploring British Columbia, Canada | DEVINSUPERTRAMP

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