Vertex Festival 2016. Photo by: Vertex Festival
Vertex Festival 2016. Photo by: Vertex Festival

Cottonwood Meadows Hosts +40 Live Acts Outside of Denver

Vertex Festival is a Colorado music festival taking place August 5-7. The festival is hosting Trey Anastasio Band, ODESZA and Alabama Shakes, as well as 40 live acts.

Vertex Festival 2016 is going to be their first time out, and with Gramatik, Lettuce and other artists that have sold out venues across the country to perform together with no over-lapping sets will be a special treat for guests onsite.


Nature and outdoor activities will be present at Vertex. The scenery of the Collegiate Mountain Range will combine with the stage lightening and atmosphere of the festival to give an intense visual experience, in additional to an audio treasure chest of enjoyment.

We are excited to have Samantha Brooke on board to capture this event. Check out a preview of the headliners at Vertex Festival.

Grab tickets for Vertex Festival taking place in Buena Vista August 5-7.



Alabama Shakes


Trey Anastasio Band



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