California Energy Commission (CEC) Approves Pilot Program in which Piezoelectric Crystals will be Installed on Several Freeways

Engineers in California are trying new methods to produce renewable energy with their roadway system. Recently, state officials have gave the green light to a pilot program including piezoelectric crystals that will be installed on several freeways.

The crystals generate electricity by a form of kinetic energy as automobiles drive over the roadway.


This system has been shown to be successful in other parts of the world, such as Japan, and now will have the opportunity to help the United States transition to renewable energy.

EcoWatch notes: In fact, scientists estimate the energy generated from piezoelectric crystals on a 10-mile stretch of freeway could provide power for the entire city of Burbank (population: more than 105,000).

In a press release from Assemblyman Mike Gatto, he states the benefits behind working with California Energy Commission to install piezoelectric roads.

“I still get stopped on the street by people who ask what happened to the idea of using our roads to generate electricity,” said Gatto. “California is the car capitol of the world, and we recycle just about everything.  So why not capture the energy from road vibrations, and put it to good use?”

Piezoelectric Technology

Piezoelectric Motor Demo

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