Florence + The Machine artwork for songs produced for Final Fantasy XV. Photo provided.
Florence + The Machine artwork for songs produced for Final Fantasy XV. Photo provided.

An Epic Size World Where Fantasy Meets Reality

Florence + the Machine has recently produced three spellbinding tracks for the upcoming FINAL FANTASY XV video game. The latest chapter in the epic saga of fictional gaming takes a serious look at the soundtrack behind the game.

The three tracks, ‘Too Much Is Never Enough,’ ‘I Will Be’ and the classic cover ‘Stand By Me,’ were all recorded in Air Studios in London with producer Emile Haynie.


“I was listening to Classic FM and there was a whole two hour program about classical music in videogames. It was so inspiring and a whole scope of music that I didn’t know about.

I’ve always seen FINAL FANTASY as a beautiful and creative game so I don’t think I could have worked with another video game. It wouldn’t have made sense. In some ways the landscape of FINAL FANTASY and my own internal landscape seemed to fit quite well, it’s mythical and beautiful and epic.” – Florence Welch

FINAL FANTASY XV will be released worldwide on September 30, 2016.

In the latest FINAL FANTASY XV trailer, you can listen in and preview ‘Stand by Me’ by Florence and the Machine starting at the 1:15 minute mark.

Stream all three tracks on YouTube below.

Final Fantasy XV - Reclaim Your Throne Trailer

Florence + The Machine - I Will Be

Florence + The Machine - Too Much Is Never Enough

Florence + The Machine - Stand By Me

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