Big Gigantic Brighter Future album cover. Photo by: Big Gigantic
Big Gigantic Brighter Future album cover. Photo by: Big Gigantic

Cherub, Waka Flocka, Jennifer Hartswick, GRiZ, Naaz, Logic & Roses Mix it Up with Electronic Music Heavyweights

Big Gigantic dials in a hit record with special guests on their latest release Brighter Future.

The melting pot of America comes together for one of the best Big Gigantic records to date. This marks their fifth release. The Denver-based musicians show no signs of slowing down. After watching them grow for the past six years, and keeping an ear out to each album, it made listening to Brighter Future a timeless experience.


With over a million streams on Soundcloud, ‘The Little Things’ featuring Angela McCluskey gets the album rolling in grand fashion. It was the first song to be released from the album, and has already caught on with listeners.

‘Miss Primetime’ featuring Pell takes listeners on a tricked out ride with a synthesized keyboard and sax combo by Dominic Lalli. Each song also adds a big beat drum setup featuring Jeremy Salken. Pell layers well to give a hip-hop infused sound while mixing with the Denver sound artists to add his New Orleans and Starksville, Mississippi style to the record.

Big Gigantic Brighter Future tour dates. Photo by: Big Gigantic
Big Gigantic Brighter Future tour dates. Photo by: Big Gigantic

GRiZ goes to steal the show with his collaboration on this record. It feels like Big Gigantic is in control for most of the record, but on ‘C’mon’ it feels like GRiZ ignites a fire within Lalli and Salken.

Logic & Rozes continue to build upon the hip-hop influence within this record to give listeners a chance to hear more songs with lyricists. The blend of electronic rock and vocals make this song alluring and captivating.

‘Got the Love’ is my favorite track on the record featuring Jennifer Hartswick. The mix of a strong female vocalist with Big Gigantic’s polished sound in electronic music make this song and record a contender for best electronic song of the year.

Waka Flocka Flame strolls slowly through Brighter Future. His technique is strong overall. I would like to see him work more on the lyrics. He is a talented rapper, I just want to hear him discuss different topics.

Jennifer Hartswick returns as one of the only artists to guest spot twice on this record with ‘I’ve Gotta Know.’ Hartswick’s vocals continues to work as a strong addition to the overall sound. The song would be interesting to see live.

Natalie Cressman add vocals to ‘No Apologizes’ with a sense of the speed and intensity from the northeast. ‘Bring Back the Funk’ is an instrumental track that continues the party before the record opens the doors for the collaboration with Cherub.

‘Wide Open’ featuring Cherub is going to be a hit at live events. The song structure and combo between these two acts fuse together an electronic track that mixes Cherub’s vibe from Nashville with the Big Gigantic machine from Denver.

‘Brighter Future’ is the title track from the album features Naaz. It threw me off at first. I was expecting a male’s voice with the name Naaz, but it was a sexy female voice on vocals. It was a nice surprise. I started to feel that the female vocalists were being brought in more as singers, rather than rappers. ‘Long Time Coming’ wrapped up the album in a cool down fashion.

The collaborations on this album were truly amazing. It was a different vibe from track to track. I only hope more musicians embrace the creativity of working together more in the studio.

The album release for Brighter Future was on August 26.

Catch Big Gigantic live this fall across the United States. They have special performances set for Rowdytown 5 at Red Rocks outside of Denver, as well as a live set with The Motet at Hulaween over Halloween weekend. Check out full tour schedule here.

Big Gigantic - Got The Love (ft. Jennifer Hartswick)

Big Gigantic - Wide Open (ft. Cherub)

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