Gas being pumped. Photo by:
Gas being pumped. Photo by:

Another Environmental and Socioeconomical Disaster Caused by Oil and Gas

Last week, Colonial Pipeline had an oil spill that took place on September 9 in Shelby County, Alabama. After the spill, more than a quarter of a million gallons of oil have been leaked into Shelby County.

Oil and gas continues to create environmental issues across the world. As the United States rapidly moves toward renewable energy, there is still a large amount of energy being produced with oil and gas.


The pipeline that burst starts in Houston and ends in New Jersey. It supplies a large amount of the gasoline to power automobiles in the eastern section of the United States.

Houston is close to several offshore drilling pipelines in the southeast section of Texas. Recently, Amazon announced a new Wind Farm to be opened in West Texas. Just within the state of Texas, one can see the progressive nature in energy production between the east and west sections of the state.

Offshore Oil Drilling

A solution to this ongoing problem of unsafe oil production is to decrease the amount of energy we produce/consume with it annually, and focus on building and obtaining clean energy production projects, such as Amazon.

Watch over coverage from AP, and ABC on this story.

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