Leonardo DiCaprio at the Toronto International Film Festival. Photo by: TIFF / YouTube
Leonardo DiCaprio at the Toronto International Film Festival. Photo by: TIFF / YouTube

'Before the Flood' Will be Shown at South by South Lawn 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio will be showcasing his latest documentary Before the Flood at South by South Lawn on October 3.

DiCaprio first debuted the film at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) on September 9.

“The origins to wanting to do a film like this is to give the scientific community out there a voice. Because we have long ignored the predictions of the scientific community. 97% of the scientific community agrees we are contributing to the issue of climate change in such a major way that we are altering the course of the future as we know it.” – Leonardo DiCaprio

Before the Flood features a progressive cast of industry leaders including: Tesla’s CEO and inventor Elon Musk, well known astronaut and meteorologist Piers Sellers, environmentalist Sunita Narain and President Barack Obama.

The White House has shared some insight on SXSL 2016:

‘Earlier this year, President Obama traveled to South by Southwest® for a conversation on civic engagement. In Austin, he called on creative thinkers and entrepreneurs from across the country to help tackle our toughest challenges. On Monday, October 3, we’re celebrating that spirit of innovation at South by South Lawn, a White House festival of ideas, art, and action.’

Personally, I think it is a step in the right direction for the government to create events and opportunities for the public to share their thoughts on climate change. President Obama continues to build new avenues for the people to raise their voice. In connects with DiCaprio’s desire to build a larger voice for the scientific community.

The Lumineers and Sharon Jones will also be on hand for this special event October 3.

Watch over DiCaprio’s introduction to the film at TIFF, and a time-lapse piece from the South Lawn at the White House.

LEONARDO DICAPRIO Giving the scientific community a voice | TIFF 2016

Winter Storm Jonas from the South Lawn of the White House