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Super Mario Run is the Blockbuster of Winter 2016

During the Apple conference yesterday, Nintendo announced that they would be partnering with different devices, such as the Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7, as well as Android devices, to deliver mobile gaming experiences with iconic Nintendo characters.

This progressive step forward from Nintendo follows the gigantic success they helped achieve with Pokémon GO.

The Verge interviewed Shigeru Miyamoto on Nintendo’s plans for releasing Super Mario Run. They noted that Miyamoto and his team plans to release the game on Apple’s iPhone 7 first, and will roll it out on additional operating systems afterwards.

“So, similarly with Mario, what we’re looking at is simple game play, one-handed gameplay; shorter play time, playing in shorter bursts; and then really bringing the joy of Mario to that much larger audience.” – Shigeru Miyamoto

Kotaku recently published a quote from Nintendo on their plans for Super Mario Run.

Nintendo tells Kotaku: “We do intend to release the game on Android devices at some point in the future.”

Nintendo continues some of the most well known characters within the gaming industry. Similar to how action movie stars are being crossed over in different movies, it will be interesting to see how Mario and Zelda crossover to the mainstream.

Super Mario Game Coming To iOS - Shigeru Miyamoto On Stage At Apple Event