A person running during athletics. Photo by: unsplash.com
A person running during athletics. Photo by: unsplash.com

Capturing the Art in Physical Fitness

Tribeca Studios and DICK’s Sporting Goods Films have teamed up to collaborate on a documentary series featuring inspirational athletes.

The series of short films explore the drive and training that goes into athletic competition on a small and large scale. They cover Olympic competitors in their most intense training, showcase the story of Eric Gelber from New York, as well as many more fascinating stories.

Watch and dive deeper into the hearts and minds of those that dare to challenge themselves physically, as well as emotionally and psychologically.

Bring out the best within yourself in these short films. Take the inspiration within these stories, and build upon it. In the case of Eric Gelber, find out more on how to help support research for Multiple Myeloma. One of my close friends has recently been diagnosed with a form of cancer. I find that being supportive is an excellent form of medicine for him and myself.

Experience these unique stories in athletics, and continue to push boundaries. Browse over all the videos by DICK’s Sporting Goods Films on YouTube.