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How 30 Days, 30 Songs Could be More Beneficial for a Global Community

Recently, a group of 30 musical acts got together to compile 30 songs via an independent source to provide a strong stand against the GOP nominee for President of the United States, Donald Trump.

The independent website also hosted 90 Days, 90 Reasons to help get Barack Obama re-elected.


My point of view on these two campaigns is that they push a one-sided agenda. Overall, I find pros and cons behind both political parties. So, creating campaigns that only serve one agenda is bias. I understand that this independent website is not a news organization, but my theory is that the general public has already made their mind up about Donald Trump, so why give him anymore attention.

  • Two real problems I noticed during this election was the democratic nominee being supported by an overwhelming support of superdelegates.
  • In addition, a secondary major problem is the limited exposure third party candidates have during debates. We need serious funding behind third parties in the United States to provide television time for debates.

I find that 30 Days, 30 Songs is trying to help in their own way. But with the power of music, I just hope they can find a way to utilize their voice in a manner that can benefit the global community, instead of just the people against Donald Trump.

During this past election season, we have seen the good, bad and ugly in politics. As media producers, we need to continue to push toward a more even playing field that is not run by major companies, superdelegates and a select few only trying to benefit certain groups. To achieve that level playing field, we must work together and not against each other.

Division is a narrative created by mass media. Don’t buy into it. Stick with us to help bridge cultural gaps.

Watch over videos and listen in to new music from Franz Ferdinand, Jim James (from My Morning Jacket), EL VY, Thao and many more.

30 Days, 30 Songs

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