Solar panel supporting clean energy. Photo by:
Solar panel supporting clean energy. Photo by:

Amazon Invests in Renewable Energy to Help Produce Energy for 150,000 U.S. Homes Annually

Amazon Web Services continues to drive job growth in the United States with a new wind farm in Paulding County, Ohio.

The company has noted that: ‘the wind farm is expected to start generating approximately 320,000 megawatt hours of wind energy annually starting in May 2017, or enough to power more than 29,000 US homes in a year.’ Additionally, Amazon and Business Wire shared insight from adminstration in infrastructure within the AWS.

“Now with five highly scalable regions across the United States, AWS customers have multiple options for providing US-based end users low-latency access to cloud applications, as well as the opportunity to architect a variety of inter-region backup and disaster recovery operations for even greater availability.” – Peter DeSantis, Vice President, Infrastructure at AWS

Currently, Amazon is planning on using some of the power produced by the clean energy projects to provide assistance to their cloud-based computers in different parts of the United States. Personally, I tend to want to support businesses that create and maintain clean energy jobs.

‘We’ve made a lot of progress on this commitment. As of April 2015, approximately 25% of the power consumed by our global infrastructure comes from renewable energy sources. By the end of 2016, we intend to reach 40%.’ – AWS Sustainability

Amazon will also be generating over 120,000 seasonal jobs this winter. The company continues to drive environmental and economical growth.

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