A tropical storm. Photo by: pexels.com
A tropical storm. Photo by: pexels.com

Cholera in Haiti Continues to Spread

Hurricane Matthew, a deadly tropical hurricane, with many meteorologists calling it a ‘post-tropical cyclone,’ has now taken 26 lives in the United States, and left over a thousand dead in Haiti.

This storm has taken a major toll on the island of Haiti, as well as in the southeast section of the United States.

Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina had announced last Friday a state of emergency following the recent storm. Residents in those states continue to help restore power to communities impacted by Hurricane Matthew. In a video below, the Coast Guard helps save a family in North Carolina from flood waters.

Haiti is showing signs of a strong need for assistance. The country has had a problem with Cholera in the past, but with the recent storm, it has only grown. In addition to needing support for food and housing, Haiti also needs medical assistance to prevent the disease from growing to larger numbers.

The deadly storm reached a category 5 in Colombia with 160 mph winds. The Weather Channel has an interactive graph to the path of Hurricane Matthew.

Hurricane Matthew

Photo of Hurricane Matthew by Expedition 49 Flight Engineer Kate Rubins on Oct. 4, 2016. Photo credit: NASA