Love & Friendship Moves from Sundance to Theaters, and Coming Soon to Amazon Video on October 20

Amazon Prime Video has recently announced they will be premiering Love & Friendship on their streaming service starting on October 20.

This film takes Jane Austen’s literature based in the 1790s, and reformats it in a contemporary fashion.


Amazon and Business Wire shared insight on the project:

Love & Friendship brings to life Jane Austen’s novella in a captivating comedic style thanks to Whit Stillman’s unique voice and filmmaking coupled with amazing acting by Kate Beckinsale and Chloë Sevigny,” said Jason Ropell, Worldwide Head of Motion Pictures, Amazon Studios

Ropell also noted that the film would be screened on Amazon Prime for the following month. Make sure to catch it while they have it available.

Love & Friendship is written and directed by Whit Stillman (Metropolitan, The Last Days of Disco), stars Kate Beckinsale (Pearl Harbor), Chloë Sevigny, Xavier Samuel and a robust cast and crew to give the words of Austen additional cinematic depth.

Watch over the trailer below via Amazon Prime Video.

Love & Friendship - Official Trailer | Amazon Studios

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