Run the Jewels 'Talk to Me' artwork. Photo by: Run the Jewels
Run the Jewels 'Talk to Me' artwork. Photo by: Run the Jewels

Adult Swim Singles 2016 Presents: Run the Jewels

Run the Jewels partnered with Adult Swim Singles to release their first single from their upcoming album RTJ3.

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The rap duo is currently based out of Atlanta and New York City. The progressive authors take their words and mix them with creative beat structures.

Recently, they worked together with DJ Shadow to release ‘Nobody Speak.’

This past April the rap duo released a special virtual reality project for Record Store Day. It will be interesting to see if they hold a few tracks back from RTJ3, and then release an additional album for Record Store Day 2017.

RTJ3 is currently in post production. The producer for the album, El-P has noted that it is close to being wrapped and ready for release.

After Killer Mike stepping up and supporting Bernie Sanders recently, it will be interesting to see which direction he looks to takes his lyrics for the upcoming album. With ‘Talk to Me’ it creates an aggressive approach to working through his political distaste.

Killer Mike is one of my favorite rappers, and I find that he deep down wants to unite people, but some of his lyrics on ‘Talk to Me’ appear to be divisional. With the power of music, I hope he can utilize RTJ3 to create opportunities and solutions. Anyone can point out the negative, but it takes a genius to turn it into a positive.

Stream ‘Talk to Me’ and catch new music from #RTJ3 on the road.