EOTO at Hulaween 2015. Photo by: Josh Timmermans
EOTO at Hulaween 2015. Photo by: Josh Timmermans

Seven Live Sets featuring The String Cheese Incident with Additional Side Projects

The String Cheese Incident will help host the fourth annual Suwannee Hulaween music festival in Live Oak, Florida this October 27-30.

The band will perform three days during the event, and will also showcase music that they have developed with side projects.


Over the past four years, The String Cheese Incident have been the flagship live act for Hulaween. With each year, the band continues to find new ways of showcasing live music from their twenty year career.


EOTO, Michael Travis and Jason Hann, percussionists for The String Cheese Incident, conduct 100% live improvisation during their performances. Their concert on Thursday will include special guests. (Which will be interesting, since the whole set is improv.)

This will be my third EOTO show, and my seventh time seeing String Cheese perform.

Recently, I was explaining improv music to my brother, and was using comedy as an example. Have you ever seen a comedy act to was rehearsed to death? I’ve seen live performances that lack energy and interaction due to a layer of comfort with the material. My example with comedy was taking a Dane Cook show, and comparing that to a Dave Chappelle set.

  • EOTO performs from 6:00-7:00 on Thursday evening at The Amphitheater.

The Kyle Hollingsworth Band

The Kyle Hollingsworth Band will also be joining the entertainment during the Pre-Party. This year marks one of the most extensive Pre-Party lineups in camping music festival history.

In contrast to how EOTO takes a different approach to music genres in comparison to SCI, the Kyle Hollingsworth Band works more in the similar vein as String Cheese. The KHB does work more in the genre of rock with the electric guitars used within the group.

  • The Kyle Hollingsworth Band performs 5:00-6:00 p.m. on Thursday at the Spirirt Lake Stage.

Our outlet has cover Hulaween for the past two years, and this will mark our third year. Tony Smith has been on hand to experience multiple nights of The String Cheese Incident, but this will be my first time seeing the band perform multiple nights in a row.

  • Scan over the entire schedule to see when the String Cheese Incident is performing at Hulaween 2016.

I’ve been able to get to know the music from the band dating back to my first String Cheese show on 07/07/2001 outside of St. Louis, Missouri at the Riverport Amphitheater. Watch back over the Widespread Panic live set on YouTube. The onstage interaction between them and WSP is incredible. It will be interesting to see if members from My Morning Jacket, as well as additional groups will be joining the band onstage this year.

Some bands host weekend long events with headlining sets each day. That happens in different regions of the country where bands that have a strong regional and national draw. One interesting part to String Cheese is their ability to throw multiple festivals in different regions of the country, as well as some international events.

During a playback of The String Cheese Incident’s Carnival ’99 album, on the song ‘Mouna Bowa,’ it continues to amaze me at the fusion of musical genres. It takes me back to when I first heard the band’s music in the year 2000.

A close friend, that has now passed away, was playing me tracks from Carnival ’99, and giving me details about the band. After sixteen years of following SCI, and watching them perform live all over the country, I find myself still excited to see what they have in plan next.

The String Cheese Incident "Rosie" // SiriusXM // Jam On

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