4K Resolution, 3D Camera & Up to 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD

Wacom, is a electronics company based in Kazo, Saitama, Japan and founded in 1983. The company is leading manufacturer for interactive pen tablets and displays.

Recently, Wacom announced the release of MobileStudio Pro for traditional artists, as well as CAD artists. The new pen technology is made for on-the-go artists to connect their ideas to a digital platform in any location.

“Whether doing straight 2-D illustration or sculpting a 3-D model, we are confident that MobileStudio Pro users will find the new digital pen to feel closer to traditional media as ever before.” – Ed Neumann, Senior Vice President of Wacom’s Creative Branded Business

When I started with artwork in the ’90s it was with oil paint, color pencils, and working with physical paint. During 2010-2014, I attended a university with Wacom equipment available for students to produce work on for school projects. A lot of the students that I would introduce the hardware and software to were uneasy about the learning curve.

Personally, I found Wacom products easy to learn. If you are thinking about learning to enhance your artwork, the MobileStudio Pro can give artists ideas additional depth.

“Cinema 4D®, Maya® and ZBrush all feel fantastic on Wacom’s latest mobile device and the pen experience, screen, speed and design are just great.” – Glen Southern of SouthernGFX in London, United Kingdom

One element I would like to try out is the sensitivity within the new pen. If you have used a pen display setup to create digital works of art before, (depending on the technology and model) users will have views on the interaction. With a more intuitive pen that can connect ideas with a 3D canvas; I believe the learning curve will be more manageable with MobileStudio Pro compared to pervious editions.

Wacom MobileStudio Pro Product Trailer