Culinary art in India. Photo by:
Culinary art in India. Photo by:

The High Cost of Mobile Data in India

India is working with Facebook to provide underdeveloped areas with access to the Internet. In early 2016, Facebook attempted to work out a partnership with India, but hit roadblocks with their crafty algorithms.

Mashable reported: ‘In January, India’s telecoms regulator rejected Facebook’s Free Basics program after more than a million people registered complaints abut the plan, which would have given free access to specific websites chosen by Facebook.’


After digging into Free Basics by Facebook developers, I was able to find out that companies and individuals have to request to be apart of this new service. It also let me know that sites with less data will work better for users with Free Basics service.

In comparison to Free Basics, the Express Wifi platform is set to deliver content to all sites. The BBC is currently reporting that the Express Wifi offers a limited number of websites. The company has noted some of the differences between the two platforms: is Facebook’s initiative that aims to connect the 2/3 of the world that is not yet connected to the internet. Free Basics is one program within that aims to connect the more than 90% of the world that lives within areas of existing cellular coverage through the Free Basics app or website.’

Facebook Express Wi-Fi is now live in India, and have mentioned they plan to expand to other areas.

Facebook Tests Express WiFi in India

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