Gift giving ideas for Cyber Monday. Photo by: / WDnet Studio
Gift giving ideas for Cyber Monday. Photo by: / WDnet Studio

Show Love and Support Without Breaking the Bank

Cyber Monday has become another day within the holiday season. Today is known for large retailers marking down products for online shopping.

Gift giving during the holidays is a tradition in many cultures. In comparison to buying a product, or service for a loved one this year, try using some creative energy to put together a gift.

Over the years, I’ve given and received a lot of gifts. Some of the gifts that stand out is a used book from a friend that has passed away, a coupon for a pair of glasses, and the time that friends and family have shared with me around the holidays. None of these cost a lot of money, but it shows that buying someone a gift is nice, but putting time and effort into a relationship is the most value you can add to someones life.

Below is a quick list to capture the magic of the holiday season, and doing it without spending much money.

  • Hobby Lobby is currently offering free shipping and heavy markdowns on creative gifts. I like framing posters and photos with the frames from Hobby Lobby. It is a thoughtful way to show support. Another method is to use their fabrics and clothing to create a dress, pillow, or fashion idea that would fit well for a gift. Gifts that are hand stitched are always made with love.
  • Adobe is offering discounts on their software until December 2. One of my favorite graduation gifts was from a family member that put together a short video congratulating me. He used some of my favorite phrases and dialogue in the video. It might have taken some time video editing, but I’ll never forgot that gift. Try to borrow a friends software and technology if you are unable to work with the Adobe suite directly.
  • At a recent wedding party, one of my close friends went online to find ways to decorate the atmosphere with unique lightening tricks. My friend cleaned out a bunch of old Mason Jars, and added a candle to each jar. She tied them, and hung them around a tree. It was a really smart and cool way to add light to the party. Yankee Candles is currently offering deals for Cyber Monday.
  • Write someone a song. Record it if possible. The more time and effort you put into the song, (hopefully, the better reaction.)
  • Shop local.
  • Find out your friends and family members favorite dish, how they like it cooked, and a day that you could try to impress them. What I have found out about food as a form of gift giving, is that the more time and thought that is put into the dish, like music, hopefully the best response will take place.
  • Groupon does offer a lot of low cost gifts available via their main website.
  • If you are into wood working; create a tool or product that someone will need in the future.
  • Overall, just try to give some of your free time to your friends and family this holiday season. In an era of having to work multiple jobs just to keep food on the table, we all have less time to enjoy around the holidays. Hopefully, you can take a break from the work schedule, and find ways to show love and support.