The Rolling Stones, Ben Folds with yMusic, Jimi Hendrix and New Vinyl

Record Store Day Black Friday is celebrating the holidays with 150 new titles released across independent record stores in the United States.

Black Friday is commonly known for sales on electronics and other big ticket items early in the morning following Thanksgiving.

A more recent trend developing is the demand for vinyl music within independent record stores. Each April, Record Store Day celebrates a day where musicians release vinyl records only to independent record stores across the world.

Record Store Day Black Friday extends the concept of providing new vinyl to indie record stores with a stocked list of new music. Locate the participating stores here.

This year, we cover some of the records being released on #RSDBF.

Ben Folds with yMusic – In Concert 2015-2016

In Concert 2015-2016 by Ben Folds w/ yMusic will be available on vinyl this Friday, November 25, at all indie retailers who participate in RSDBF. The tracks will be released digitally to all DSPs on December 9.

This creative live album captures the magic within yMusic when collaborating with Ben Folds. The album is a RSDBF exclusive, and will be available on 10” vinyl.

JIMI HENDRIX – Morning Symphony Ideas

A re-release by Jimi Hendrix will offer a translucent yellow 10″ vinyl cut that was different than the previous release on Dagger Records.

THE REVIVALISTS – Strangers In The Bright Lights

This deluxe double LP release features The Revivalists in raw form during their tour supporting the album Men Amongst Mountains. Watch over a live track the band recently released on their YouTube featuring ‘It Was A Sin’ from Tipitina’s in the heart of New Orleans.

Unwrap the JLCO's New EP -- A Record Store Day Black Friday Exclusive!


3000 vinyl records will be available for The Rolling Stones cover of the Eddie Taylor song ‘Ride ‘Em On Down.’ The track was originally recorded in 1955.

Their upcoming new album Blue and Lonesome will be available December 2. The band also recently released ‘Havana Moon’ from their show in Cuba. Watch the trailer below.

The Rolling Stones: Havana Moon