Amazon Go app. Photo by: Amazon / YouTube
Amazon Go app. Photo by: Amazon / YouTube

Computer Vision Connects Customers with Products at Amazon Go

Amazon announced today their new technology-based grocery store in Seattle.

The company has created an application to help shoppers connect with products. The app and store is called Amazon Go. If you watch the video below it gives a walkthrough of how the technology works.


Amazon is pushing hard for a checkout-free shopping experience, but I’m not totally buying that line.

Yes, customers do not have to check out, which is not all that time consuming overall. In addition, they do have to check in, so I don’t see the big difference. Not only do you check in, but your body movements are tracked in the store. So, the benefit of not talking with a sales associate is not a benefit at all for me.

I’ve worked in sales, and found out first hand if you are nice to the sales people at stores, they will let you in on when sales will be happening, where products are located outside of the store, and the list continues. I’ve built friendships and relationships with sales associates. Amazon removing them is distasteful overall to me.

If the company wanted to release a list of tech-based jobs that will be open to replace the in-store jobs, I would be happy to link that into a future article. And if they don’t have to employee as many people as a normal grocery store, please send over information on the amount of money you are saving the customer on the labor. Overall, Amazon is doing good work with renewable energy products, but this move hasn’t impressed me yet.

Watch over the video below to get a better look at Amazon Go. Scan over The Wall Street Journal coverage on the new service.

Introducing Amazon Go and the world’s most advanced shopping technology

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