Physical coins in connection to the time table of Bitcoin. Photo by:
Physical coins in connection to the time table of Bitcoin. Photo by:

2017 Will Be a Big Year for Bitcoin

Bitcoin is an electronic form of currency that has made impressive gains over the past few weeks. On Wednesday, Bitcoin was valued at 968.00 USD per Bitcoin. In comparison, to the all-time high of 979.45 per Bitcoin.

The digital currency has continued to have a positive trend during 2016. One of the strong driving points to the increase in demand may be the instability of the major currencies around the globe.


One of the questions that I would like to see is how Bitcoin will react when valued around the 980.00 USD price point. The price of the currency dropped heavily when trading at the price point before. It is my point of view that if the digital currency can perform well above the 980.00 price, then there is a bright future for the emerging form of cryptocurrency.

Along with the United States buying the digital currency, additional countries have also been acquiring resources. China, Japan and India each use digital currencies.

Below is an informative YouTube clip covering Bitcoin more in-depth. They review the pitfalls and opportunities from the new form of currency.

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