The Donald Trump transition. Photo by: Author Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons
The Donald Trump transition. Photo by: Author Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons

A Reported Financial Withdraw from the Dakota Access Pipeline, and a Productive Meeting with Al Gore

The Donald Trump transition continues to reshape the political structure of the United States.

He has made suggestions for a tax plan that would put a 35% tax on businesses that hire staff outside of the country for lower wages. I strongly back raising taxes on everyone to help get our country out of debt.


Another strong suggestion for the Donald Trump transition team is to raise taxes early in his presidency, and turn the tables on the mainstream media. Deep down, I truly believe Trump wants to help this country grow. It doesn’t make any sense for him to campaign years before he even ran, if he didn’t care a little bit on finding out what interests people, and how to capitalize on it. So, I hope to see him continue to transition from the person we saw on the campaign trail, to a president that solves problems.

The following points from the Los Angeles Times cover the Donald Trump transition:

■ President-elect Donald J. Trump plans a technology conference next week with high-profile business executives, many of whom opposed his campaign.

■ The chief executive of Carrier’s parent company says many of those jobs at that plant in Indiana will now be lost to automation.

■ Vice President-elect Mike Pence says the national security adviser-designate’s son has nothing to do with the transition, and it appears he no longer does.

■ Mr. Trump, who flies in his own private jet, appears to have ordered the cancellation of the next generation of Air Force One — via Twitter.

Donald Trump has recently reported that he removed financial support from the Dakota Access Pipeline, but is currently still in favor of the project.

My point of view on the Dakota Access Pipeline is that is should be shut down. Our country should be looking to decrease pollution with fossil fuels, and move toward more renewable energy projects. That being said, the Dakota Access Pipeline continues to hit roadblock after roadblock. From a financial point of view, there has to be a point of financial lose that takes place before the decision makers look at the project, want to move on, and cut their loses. There has to be a point at when the cost of the project outweighs the amount the investors can make back on their investment.

Al Gore was able to have a productive meeting with Mr. Trump recently. Watch over Gore’s response from the meeting with the video clip below.

Al Gore Talks Meeting With Donald Trump , Climate Change, Electoral College | All In | MSNBC

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