Gem and Jam Festival 2017 lineup. Photo provided.
Gem and Jam Festival 2017 lineup. Photo provided.

11th Annual Gem and Jam Festival Taking Place February 2-5, 2017

Mike Gordon has been added to the 2017 Gem and Jam Festival taking place at the Pima County Fairgrounds from February 2-5.

In their 11th year, Gem and Jam Festival 2017 is bringing on Mike Gordon, bassist for Phish, to perform his solo material during the live event.

Gordon has worked with Leo Kottke, and a backing band to create a unique sound and style. His solo material is more mellow in comparison to the high energy within Phish.

In addition, Safi’s Lab and Cadillac Mountain, two native Arizona acts, have also been added to the diverse lineup.

The festival had priorly announced Steve Kimock and friends were performing, but they also announced yesterday that they will be performing a Grateful Dead inspired set of live music at Gem and Jam. Members from The Motet will also be mixing it up during this set.

Boutique camping is available for those that want to make the festival more of a vacation. Tickets for regular camping and additional option available via the main website.

Mike Gordon - Yarmouth Road