Green energy. Photo by:
Green energy. Photo by:

Explore Google's DeepMind to See into the Future

Google continues to expand their presence in the renewable energy sector with a recent announcement of going to 100% renewable energy by 2017.

Amazon and Google are both making major progress within clean energy development. In Google’s case, they are using DeepMind, a United Kingdom form of technology, that uses artificial intelligence to solve problems.

The Guardian reported:

“We are convinced this is good for business, this is not about greenwashing. This is about locking in prices for us in the long term. Increasingly, renewable energy is the lowest cost option,” said Marc Oman, EU energy lead at Google.

In 2015, Google bought heavily in solar and wind energy production. They plan to move from 44% to 100% clean energy by 2017.

The Verge has an interesting graphic on the progress different companies in United States that have invested in clean energy. In addition to Google being the leader in renewable energy investing, they also have been investing more in wind power in comparison to solar energy.

Amazon currently holds the second spot for domestic investment in renewable energy. It would be excellent to see other companies take this stance on helping curb greenhouse gases and decrease pollution.

Watch clips going over the ways Google plans to adapt with DeepMind below.

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