Pyramids in Egypt. Photo by:
Pyramids in Egypt. Photo by:

How Violence Kills Creativity

Universal Pictures continues to uncover new material from the ancient pyramids of Egypt with a new movie titled The Mummy.

Tom Cruise attempts to replace Brendan Fraser in the lead role. The last time The Mummy had a theatrical run, Fraser was the lead actor. After three movies spanning from 1999 to 2008, the idea is being revamped for release in 2017. They should call The Mummy 4, but nobody is really keeping track. It is also a way from Universal to replace Fraser with Cruise, in hopes fewer people will notice the transition.


If they make a sequel to this film, all I ask is that Universal Pictures cast Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as the villain. I would even invite Fraser in for the second film. It would be great to give him a supporting role, and let the acting speak for itself on film.

Overall, Cruise might be a better actor, but Fraser may have a new sense of passion after being replaced. I would let Fraser and Johnson work together as villains in the second film, and have them overtake Cruise. It would be fitting on so many levels. The common man being replaced by the corporate goon gets his sweet revenge, (a pun and inside joke for fans of The Rock’s YouTube channel.) The parallels between reality and fiction would play out beautifully.

Or you the studio can assume a safe bet would be to cast another corporate goonie. I bet they go with the second option, because as the subhead to this article notes, ‘violence kills creativity.’

What I mean by that is a majority of the action films being released today have gun violence throughout the film. I’m personally over it. I was sick of it 10 years ago, and now it’s like the major studios gave up trying to be creative, and just assume safe bets are going to make money.

Here is the real problem with glorying violence, and why our outlet never publishes a story on a violent crime. There are people in this world that lack the ability to divide reality and fiction. With gaming and movies becoming even more lifelike, it is even more important to fill content with actions that society wants reflected in the real world. If we don’t want gun violence to take place in the streets, then the major studios, major television networks, and video game producers need to take a long look in the mirror, and ask themselves why am I comfortable spreading this message? It’s not like they don’t have an option to create meaningful work. They do have an option, and I am here to remind them that working without violent imagery is the best thing for society.

  • To quickly prove my point, in most major prisons they do not allow ‘adult content’ to be shown to the inmates because they do not want to get them in an aggressive state of mind. So I question why allow it outside of prison. I was able to find one prison that does allow ‘adult content’ to be shown outside of Antwerp. This BBC’s pro-violence piece of propaganda mentions little facts, and uses Wim Adriaenssen, deputy director of the prison, for opinion-based comments. It is articles like this that attempt to dismiss my case. Too bad I use facts to back up my point of view. Here is a few quick facts to review.
  • Antwerp is located in Belgium
  • Belgium: Total crimes 973,548 | Ranked 17th.
  • United States:11.88 million | Ranked 1st.
  • 12 times more than Belgium.

Now, why would the BBC use a prison in Belgium as an example? It wouldn’t be because they were trying to group two different societies together in hopes we wouldn’t notice, right? Wrong. They do this to try and mask the impact violent imagery has on people.

There will always be some people that argue that showing violence creates more violence, but I would guess and say that those people are also the ones that believe climate change is not real. Anyone can pay a person, to do research opposing a view point, but overall, evidence shows that violent movies do make people more aggressive. This trend takes place more often when they already have an abrasive personality.

So, why would the major studios continue to create violent imagery?

Well, the prison system doesn’t get filled without some violent offenders. This steps into the possible connections between the prison system, (one of the biggest money makers in my area of Southern Illinois) and the entertainment industry. It is hard to draw this connection because it is indirect, but the ACLU reports: ‘Private prisons for adults were virtually non-existent until the early 1980s, but the number of prisoners in private prisons increased by approximately 1600% between 1990 and 2009.’ Prisons must have some sort of deal with entertainment companies, or how else would thousands of prisons have access to content? Most major film studios are owned by a select few. It is my point of view that these owners have connections with the owners of private prisons to help each other make more money.

Think back to the ’70s when music was innocent overall. Now compare that to the violent and over sexual nature of music today. Do you see a trend? Now connect that trend to the rise of the prison population. Is it starting to make sense?

When I break down all of this, the major studios hope you think I’m a nut job, and dismiss my case. Now what happens when someone knows the industry, like Dave Chappelle, and starts to point out the sick behavior within the industry? They get labeled crazy or a nut job.

If you want to break the cruse in the United States, put down your fists, put down your guns, and open your minds. When you self-reflect and stay out of trouble the establishment loses.

Watch over the trailer to The Mummy below.

The Mummy - Official Trailer

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