YouTube Remind 2016 still shot. Photo by: YouTube
YouTube Remind 2016 still shot. Photo by: YouTube

Experience YouTube Remind 2016 on December 7 at 10 a.m. PST

Updated: YouTube Rewind 2016 is now live.

YouTube Rewind 2016

YouTube will be celebrating the release of the internationally known YouTube Rewind short film tomorrow at 10 a.m. PST.


Pop cultural will explode tomorrow with a collection of the biggest and wildest moments published on YouTube during 2016.

In addition to YouTube Rewind dropping tomorrow, the company has made recent updates to their platform including:

  • Comments: The video sharing platform continues to evolve the way people communicate with visual content. Pinned comments, interactive features and more have been added to the comments section.
  • 4k Live Streaming: In November, Youtube shared insight on how 4k streaming will be available in both 360-degree videos and standard videos.
  • Community: The new Community Tab allows users to find out the latest updates from their favorite YouTube producers.

Over the past year YouTube has continued to progress as the leading video platform on the Web. They have had competition from additional services, but overall, people continue to come back to YouTube for the vital search engine. (If you want your content to do well over time, I strongly suggest not wasting time posting video to Facebook, that companies stock has been in a downward trend since October.)

YouTube Red was launched in 2015, but the platform caught major buzz this past year with YouTube investing in original programming. I hope to be able to create YouTube Red content in the near future.

I’ve been producing videos with YouTube since 2008, and you could say I am a little bias when it comes to YouTube and Google. To be honest, YouTube is one of the only major media companies that has brought me on as an independent media producer. It really bothers me that I’ve applied to countless jobs at media companies, only to be turned away for little to no reason. With YouTube’s support, I find myself wanting to give back to them far more than the companies that have turned their backs on smaller companies.

Watch over the trailer for YouTube Rewind 2016 today, and check back tomorrow for the updated video.

Get Ready for YouTube Rewind 2016 | #RewindisComing