Cracks in soil from earthquakes. Photo by:
Cracks in soil from earthquakes. Photo by:

Oklahoma, Alaska, Nevada and Wyoming Experiencing Additional Earthquakes

Residents within the United States experienced more earthquakes on average from 2010-2015, but citizens have backed away from finding out more about earthquakes and why they take place in certain areas.

The Google Trend data set below shows that in search traffic for earthquakes peaked in 2010, but has considerable dropped off since that year.


In contrast, the United States Geological Survey, USGS reports and has the current record of earthquakes that have taken place through 2015.

During the year of 2010, a record amount of earthquakes took place across the globe. Following that problematic year, people living on fault lines have seen ups and downs within worldwide tectonic shifts.

Earthquakes of the First 15 Years of the 21st Century

Papua New Guinea Earthquake

On January 21, just 34 km from Bougainville Island at 9:30 p.m. there was a 7.9 earthquake that hit Papua New Guinea. Just over a dozen tectonic shifts worldwide each year experience 7-7.9 in magnitude.

Oklahoma Earthquakes in 2016

According to the amount of +3 magnitude earthquakes in Oklahoma was 450. USGS reported in 2015 that Oklahoma experienced 888 shifts with +3 magnitude.

The Governor of Oklahoma, Mary Fallin is shown below within the CNN tweet pointing out how the state planned to reduce the amount of injections of wastewater in disposal wells.

A common reason for injecting wastewater into the environment is created from hydraulic fracking. The more we can decrease the amount of earthquakes will also hopefully decrease the amount of fracking that is taking place across the globe.

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