Artwork for the song 'Paris' by The Chainsmokers. Photo provided.
Artwork for the song 'Paris' by The Chainsmokers. Photo provided.

Victoria Zaro Adds Youthful Vocals on Paris

The Chainsmokers, international pop musicians, have released a new track for ‘Paris’ on streaming and on-demand platforms.

The group works with Victoria Zaro on this track. She continues to balance the male and female vocals with The Chainsmokers contemporary beat style.


Alex and Drew of The Chainsmokers shared this passage about the song:

“The song is actually about something very personal. Its about a friend of ours who struggled with a serious addiction and over the course of this lived in this fantasy world with his GF thinking life was great and they were just down for each other thinking they were living in this wonderful day dream of a life but in reality their lives were falling apart as well as the people around them. But the song in a more general sense is about those times when you are one place in one situation but imagine you are somewhere else. Like those times you were laying in bed staring at the ceiling dreaming up a different situation. 

We both went to college and might as well put those degrees to use a bit, so we dug deep into our english classes and put this definition of what the song means:

Paris – A sentimental yearning for a reality that isn’t genuine. 2: An irrecoverable condition for fantasy that evokes nostalgia or day dreams.” 

Stream the track on YouTube below.

The Chainsmokers - Paris (Lyric)

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