Google+ Collections, a social networking option. Photo by:
Google+ Collections, a social networking option. Photo by:

Three New Updates Coming to Google Plus on January 24

Google+ moves into 2017 with a series of updates to help improve the user experience. These three main updates include: Hiding low-quality comments, zoom functionality, and the return of events.


Google+ continues to rework the way users interact with comments. With the update being rolled out starting January 24, comments will be tailored to your style. Users will be able to browse over the top comments for each post, or they can select to see all the comments.


This update will focus on moving the comments that get the biggest reaction to the top of the comment thread. Users do have the ability to view all comments if desired.

Google+ recently added a function to allow users to translate comments within the thread. Their comment functionality provides a learning experience for people from different countries.

One way to improve upon this would be to have written comments, as well as a section for mini podcast comments for different languages. If users have a more interconnected option to just talk into a microphone with and idea, it might be easier than getting someone to type out a message.

Another layer to this suggestion is to connect users YouTube accounts to comment sections. I would have users leave short videos, in comparison to textual comments, and connect ads to longer video-based comments. It would be interesting to see video comments limited to two minutes.

Emojis continue to rise in popularity within comments. I’m more in favor of creating short podcasts to leave a point of view on a topic, in comparison to artwork with emojis, but to each their own.


Another new function will be the zoom function. I believe that I have seen this within Google Drive and Google Photos in the past. With an increase in the amount of tablets and smartphones, the pinch and zoom method of viewing photos on Google+ will be more interactive.

Details within photography is one of the many layers to the form of artwork. As cameras continue to evolve, the ability to zoom in on special moments will reframe the way people look at photography.


Users will have the option to create and join events on Google+. This update brings back the ability to manage events on the Web platform.

Social networking is an excellent tool for business owners, as well as individuals wanting to stand out on the Web. Watch an introduction video on YouTube covering Google+.

Google+: How to get started

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