Tesla Motors electric car charing station, also known as a Supercharger. Photo by: Tesla Motors / Alexis Georgeson
Tesla Motors electric car charing station, also known as a Supercharger. Photo by: Tesla Motors / Alexis Georgeson

Tesla Motors Currently Hosts more than 5,000 Superchargers and 795 Stations Worldwide

The electric car company known as Tesla Motors currently hosts over 200 Supercharging locations in the U.S. The technology-based car company continues to expand their reach across the globe.

Tesla vehicles can charge at home, as well as at different charging stations. Tesla car owners have the ability to charge their cars at Supercharging locations owned by Tesla, and at independent locations on the road.

Each of the fifty states in the U.S. contain at least one electric car charging station. Alaska currently has three available.

Currently, California hosts 3,598 stations, and the state with the second most charing stations is Texas with 874. A large amount of these stations are independently owned. This data was published on January 19 from afdc.energy.gov.

WIRED recently reported:

‘As of January 1, 2017, anyone who orders a Tesla will get just 400 kWh of free Supercharging credits per year, good for about 1,000 miles of driving. Tesla has not revealed how much it will cost after that limit, but says in a blog post the “small fee” will be cheaper than buying gas. Folks who ordered their car before then still get to charge for free, for life. (That doesn’t count the 373,000 people who have put down $1,000 to reserve a Model 3—that’s a deposit, not an order.)’

Since that WIRED report in early November 2016, Tesla Motors has added 61 Supercharger locations, and 480 charging points worldwide.

Users that add solar power panels to their housing units will be able to convert sunlight in hours of driving on the road. For longer trips, it will be smart to review the current stations, and look for more being added in 2017.

Tesla Motors also provides an interactive map displaying charging stations on the dash for the cars they produced. Currently, the average driving distance for Tesla vehicles is close to 170 miles.

California currently hosts the most charging locations with over four dozen spots to charge your car on the road. New York and Texas both have over a dozen charging stations for an electric car to refuel.

Watch over the YouTube video below covering the fulfillment of supporting a clean energy company.

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