Weather and humidity. Photo by:
Weather and humidity. Photo by:

California's Oroville Dam Holds a Reservoir Containing 1.1 Trillion Gallons of Water

National Geographic and Sean Casey worked together on an environmental documentary titled Extreme Weather. The project has been released in IMAX theaters, and has a 3D viewing option.

The beautiful piece of work captures the beauty within nature, as well as the destruction it can cause globally.


Two of the topics they cover is global warming and climate change. The documentary does an excellent job of displaying the differences in weather patterns in correlation to climate change.

Recently, the Oroville Dam experienced damage from flooding on February 11, 2017. The dam reached capacity and forced nearly 200,000 people to evacuate. The dam is in Northern California.

Currently, the area near the Oroville Dam is being hit with rain, but the city officials are allowing people back to their homes.

The Oroville Dam problem is one of many environmental issues that the world faces. With the film Extreme Weather, the experience of a documentary capturing the elements of nature, and recreating it in a theatrical setting was impactful.

It does help rise the importance of city and state governments managing their infrastructure.

Below is a trailer for Extreme Weather, and an update video on the Oroville Dam.

Extreme Weather (Trailer) | National Geographic

California Dam Crisis: Racing to Avoid Environmental Disaster | National Geographic

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