A dem working properly. Photo by: Pexels.com
A dem working properly. Photo by: Pexels.com

Yuba & Marysville County Ordered to Evacuate

On Monday, February 13 more than 180,000 people have been told to leave their homes due to risk of flooding north of Sacramento.

The recent storms that left an excess amount of water on the ground are currently causing large problems for residents trying to find a place to stay during the flooding.

One of the local residents, Edward aka Tricky on Twitter, tweeted:

The Los Angeles Times has a live feed on their main website with updates covering the Oroville Dam flooding.

The city of Reno, Nevada also experience flooding recently.

During 2016, the West Coast was hit hard by drought, and now the area is being hit hard by flooding. These extreme weather patterns have been covered by the EPA as signs of climate change.

As we attempt to try and help those in areas hit hardest by climate change, our country also has to face an even bigger problem of our current administration not helping solve problems within the environment. Actually, the current administration is making these weather patterns even worse by not acting faster to help curb climate change.

The BBC reported for residents to not stay in the street. They also provide several tweets from people wanting to help. It is interesting that the federal government is less reactive to this problem, in comparison to hard working Americans with limited resources.

Scan over the data covering the flooding around the Oroville Dam site.

Oroville Dam Emergency Spillway Eroding, Evacuations Ordered