Sling TV screenshot. Photo by: Sling TV / YouTube
Sling TV screenshot. Photo by: Sling TV / YouTube

Personalized Television Viewing on Amazon Fire TV, Android Devices, Apple TV, and Chromecast

Millennials are the cross section between Generation X and Generation Y. The group of young adults have shown growth in an era of regression.

Pervious generations would work a standard 9-5 schedule, and come home to the warm glow of home entertainment. Adults in the United States prior to The Great Recession, and after the The Great Depression experienced a level of stability that other generations have not been able to share.

Streaming services were unneeded before 2009. One example, Netflix went public in 2002, but saw little to no growth until The Great Recession. After 2009, Netflix and other streaming services saw extreme growth.

Sling TV just celebrated their 2nd birthday with preview screenings of their content. Sling provides a platform for consumers to pick and combine television networks into one personalized package.

Connect with a free seven day trail via Sling TV. Customers have noted that it is important to cancel the service, or your card will be charged. Which is common for companies to do. My quick suggestion is to have three emails go out, and a phone call to the customer letting them know that on the seventh day the service will be discontinued. If they do not agree to extend the service, the company will stop service.

When you empower consumers, they tend to want to work more with the companies that give them power behind their purchases.

Next, we review the importance of creating original, compelling content.

“For audiences, advertisers and content providers alike, advantage will be gained with an in-depth and keen understanding of not just how consumer viewing dynamics are changing, but why they are changing. Two things were never truer than they are today: Content will always be king, and consumers will continue to demand greater control and customization of the viewing experience. Providers who exceed standards on both fronts will have an advantage.” – Megan Clarken, president, Nielsen Product Leadership

Sling TV is doing an excellent job at customization, but they need to create more payment options that reflect different viewers in regards to original programming. One of the downsides to creating original content is cost. My suggestion here is to start buying up a large amount of independent films that have screened at different film festivals. The content would be compelling and inexpensive. Sling TV could add a payment option to add independent films, and start creating their own in house films after the service is shown to be successful or not.

Watch over a quick guide to learning more about Sling TV.

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