Solar energy. Photo by:
Solar energy. Photo by:

U.S. Solar Industry Grew 25 Percent Last Year to Include more than 260,000 Workers

The solar power industry is taking over 2017 with advanced technology and employment opportunities.

During an era of transition, the solar power industry is evolving and adapting at record levels. Reuters reported:


“The Trump administration wants jobs and the Trump administration is going to get jobs with solar.” – Solar Foundation President Andrea Luecke

There is a large debate taking place between the fossil fuel industry, and the renewable energy industry.

Last year, the United States added more than 260,000 workers in over 40 states. Within that number, 40 percent of workers are employed by SolarCity/Tesla.

With the cost of solar energy going down, and the energy that it can yield increases, the debate against solar power becomes empty. It becomes history.

Next, we take a look at the Switzerland-based company Insolight.

“Traditionally the market sits at around 18 percent and we can double this. Therefore we can double the return on investment for the final client….Our key innovation is that you do not need to rotate the panel in order to follow the sun. We can follow the sun in a flat manner, like any other solar panel, which makes it that our panel can be installed on standard rooftops, with standard mounting technology.” – Insolight

Reuters also reported, ‘Insolight says its solar panels double the yield achieved by other sun-powered technology.’ Watch the video below for more on this topic.

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