Get Verizon Unlimited to experience data 24/7. Photo by:
Get Verizon Unlimited to experience data 24/7. Photo by:

The Sky is the Limit for Verizon Unlimited

Verizon Wireless customers can rejoices with additional data being offered by the company for $80 a month. Users do have to sign up for auto pay to connect with the unlimited data plan.

Their ‘unlimited plan’ is limited though, just like the other major communication companies. That being said I still find this opporunity to be useful for many Internet users.

It depends on where you live, but when I was staying in Southern Illinois, Mediacom was supplying my Internet, and it was moving slower in comparison to using the Hotspot feature with my Verizon data. Also, when I hit a limit of data with Mediacom, I am confident that they were limiting my speed, (just like smartphone/cell phone companies,) and this was compromising my ability to work at a efficient pace. Some of the representatives with Mediacom did a good job of keeping me happy, but overall, I want over 200 mbps, non-stop, year round.

During my time in Denver, the Internet speed has been moving much faster than my Hotspot connection in Illinois.

The reason I bring this up is to inform users, and Verizon that they need to take a closer look at developing additional services for users in rural areas. Users can opt out of paying their major Internet company, and primarily go with Verizon for Internet. It is cost effective for me to cancel my Mediacom service in Illinois, and just go with Verizon.

CNET reported: ‘The plan is billed as unlimited, but there is an asterisk. Verizon notes that after customers reach a 22GB threshold each month, their data usage may fall in priority behind other customers during network congestion. AT&T offers a similar caveat to its plan. Sprint’s limit is 23GB, and T-Mobile gives you 28GB before it starts to manage the speed of your connection.’

For average users, 22-28 GB per month is more than needed. I use 10 GB on average when living in Denver, and 5-10 when living in Illinois. The extra data does open up the users ability to watch more television, movies and entertainment on their smartphone.

Verizon noted the following about the unlimited plan update:

  • We’ve layered in our spectrum assets to provide the breadth and depth of coverage that serves you best.
  • We launched LTE Advanced  that provides you with 50% faster peak speeds in more than 471 cities nationwide
  • We can adjust to your demand in real-time with the latest antenna technology coupled with state of the art software platforms, which also let us deploy new services faster than ever before
  • Our innovative small cell deployment is the largest in the nation and it is foundational to the best experience.
  • We have deep fiber connected through advanced architectures.

Browse over a video from The Washington Post covering the Unlimited Data plan by Verizon:

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