Customer service. Photo by:
Customer service. Photo by:

The Cloud-based Call Centers Provide Live Reception 24 Hours a Day

Amazon Web Services have announced today a new customer service known as Amazon Connect. The platform will allow businesses to provide call centers for their customers to interact with one-on-one.

Customers engage with products and services on a wide range of different platforms. Amazon Web Services is using their cloud computing technology to enhance the user experience for customers that prefer to speak with customer service representatives over the phone.


Amazon and Business Wire reported:

“Amazon Connect is a radical shift in the contact center space – there is no complex hardware configuration and management – Amazon Connect makes voice an application on the network. We can rapidly connect it to anything, and easily leverage other AWS micro-services we have already developed.” – Brian Pearson, CTO of GE Appliances

Startups and smaller businesses will have more difficulty being able to provide engaging customer support, as well as developing and delivering products. This platform will help companies, even larger companies, provide better customer support.

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Introduction to Amazon Connect

Introducing Amazon Connect