The Pros and Cons to Cryptocurrency

The recent increase in price to Bitcoin has raised red flags to legal manners in which the transactions are being made.

Similar to the recent advertising issues that YouTube and Google have faced recently, a similar trends continues, most widely used platforms on the Internet have good, bad and ugly users that misuse the service out of insecurity. Bitcoin falls into this trend with users that are making transactions to hide illegal purchases.

As cybersecurity and economical stability continues to be major issues, another component is establishing transparency for online transactions. shares adoption data for several developed countries. They cover how Russia has banned cryptocurrency, but adoption for Bitcoin continues to climb.

The videos below show the adoption rate for Bitcoin in the United States and Brazil.

In the United States, Bitcoin is trading for $1,041. If the price is able to get back above the 1,068 level, it will find stability. If not, the price could continue to drop for several more months.

Bitcoin adoption in the United States of America (USA)

Bitcoin adoption in Brazil