Bonnaroo Music Festival 2017 lineup. Photo by: Bonnaroo Music Festival
Bonnaroo Music Festival 2017 lineup. Photo by: Bonnaroo Music Festival

Headphones & Live DJs at Bonnaroo

The Bonnaroo Music Festival recently announced their Silent Disco musical lineup for the 2017 event taking place June 8-11 in Manchester, Tennessee.

This year the festival is hosting live sets with: Ganja White Night (DJ Set), Eliot Lipp and DJ Mel. Additionally, Tim Gunter, Case Bloom and DJ Rate of The Boom Bap, Chevvy Chase, Full Service Party, NSR, and E.Feld set to perform on the farm in Tennessee.


The Silent Disco is a unique listening party for Bonnaroo attendees to check out. Guests can tune in to music being spun live with headphones. When you get into the vibe of a collective music experience with a pair of headphones, it creates an original way of consuming content. With virtual reality entering the marketplace more every year, I look forward to events delivering virtual reality experiences onsite in the near future.

Guests could wear headsets, similar to headphones, and check out performances from front row. Bonnaroo can setup an A/C viewing area, and let fans relax in the chill environment during the day to see moments from the day before. We have come a long way from reading about the on stage collaborations that took place in print, and now can deliver real-time virtual reality experiences that we unavailable in pervious generations.

I also suggest having a virtual reality area with Tilt Brush by Google. It would be interesting to combine that area with an option to listen to the Silent Disco as you paint in 3D. These are all suggestions.

The Silent Disco does deliver a unique live music experience. My suggestions would be to push beyond the current options for interactive music at Bonnaroo. The DJs this year will provide a wide range of music to peruse under a tent.

Stream and preview music featuring producers that will be spinning music live in the Silent Disco area at Bonnaroo.

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