Dave Chappelle on CBS This Morning. Photo by: CBS / YouTube
Dave Chappelle on CBS This Morning. Photo by: CBS / YouTube

Gayle King Speaks with Chappelle on Artistic Integrity

Dave Chappelle opened up about his departure from mainstream media with Gayle King from CBS This Morning.

Most known for his television work on the Chappelle’s Show, Dave Chappelle also worked in film and standup comedy. His unique view on the world provides for a refreshing and alternative frame on a topic. Chappelle works with different forms of comedy, and at the height of his television run, he walked away from a lucrative contact with Comedy Central.


After taking a decade off to spend time with his family, Chappelle returns to entertainment to craft comedy in his vision.

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The interview and background with Gayle King in the YouTube clips below shows a deep look at Chappelle’s life in Ohio, and his return to Netflix.

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Dave Chappelle on escaping fame, returning to stand-up with Netflix