Computers and servers in a storage space. Photo by:
Computers and servers in a storage space. Photo by:

A Vital Alexa Skill that Informs Users About Weather News is Hurricane Center

Amazon Web Services announced today space, training and opportunities that will be available for developers working with Alexa Skills.

In the past, when developers used the AWS Free Trail platform to host and develop Alexa Skills, they would be charged for overage use.


Now, AWS developers with a published Alexa skill can apply to receive a $100 AWS promotional credit. They will also have an option to receive an additional $100 per month in AWS promotional credits if they incur AWS usage charges for their component. This will help developers to build and host most of the Alexa skills.

The company and Business Wire shared the breaking news:

“Today, we’re excited to announce a new program that will free up developers to create more robust and unique skills that can take advantage of AWS services. We can’t wait to see what developers create for Alexa.” –  Steve Rabuchin, Vice President, Amazon Alexa

In addition to Amazon’s point of view, Ryan Kroonenburg, a UK-based Solutions Architect, share his insight on AWS Lambda.

“Developers already know that building for Alexa is free using AWS Free Tier with AWS Lambda, but what they can’t plan for is how successful their skill will be.” – Ryan Kroonenburg

Watch over YouTube videos showcasing the value in learning and developing new skills with Amazon Web Services. Stay connect to AWS on social media for updates.

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