Donald Trump Signs The Pledge 25. Photo by: Michael Vadon / Wikimedia Commons
Donald Trump Signs The Pledge 25. Photo by: Michael Vadon / Wikimedia Commons

The Proposed Budget would Eliminate 19 Agencies and Thousands of Jobs

When Donald Trump said he was going to make ‘America Great Again,’ he forgot to mentioned his definition of the word great.

The definition of the word great is, ‘of an extent, amount, or intensity considerably above the normal or average.’

To create a budget that produces results of normal or above average, it would be necessary for business analysts and critics to give it a green light before the proposed budget even made it to Congress and the House of Representatives.

Chris Wallace, a reporter for Fox News, pointed out the flaws within the healthcare plan that the current administration is also trying to get pushed through.

When members of the press from both sides of the political spectrum can see through the recent proposed budget and healthcare plan, it shows severe problems overall.

During a conversation with a fellow editor, he pointed out that taxes in general are a form of theft. I disagreed, and said that they are needed to build infrastructure. You may feel that taxes are needed, or you might be more self-sustainable.

It is vital to balance a budget by raising taxes. My colleague may disagree, but I have yet to see a developed country thrive with lower taxes.

My point of view on healthcare and the budget is that if our citizens want good healthcare, then we must elect politicians that understands international tax systems. This is vital because our country is heavily controlled by the pharmaceutical industry.

An excellent example is the healthcare tax that many Americans had to pay for not having healthcare. There is probably a lot of people that are upset their tax returns, that normally went into saving and personal budgeting, were taken away. I understand that taxing lower and middle income earners 1/10 to 1/20 of their annual income just for healthcare is wrong.

The healthcare tax that the Obama administration created mainly targeted the poor and lower income residents. If you are making more money annually, you have a much larger chance of being able to afford healthcare. Therefore, not having to pay the tax each year.

Donald Trump has proposed a healthcare plan that would provide rebates to those that can afford healthcare. Once again, not helping or supporting those that cannot afford healthcare.

One can start to see that the political party is no longer the main issue, but more the lobbyists from the pharmaceutical industry continuing to financially use the poor as a scapegoat to their problems. It is not the lower income earners fault the healthcare system is broken, the fault sits more on the shoulders of politicians that fail to remove lobbyists from politics.

Other countries do not have the problems we face mainly due to the unfair laws that wealthy have passed to keep the resources stock piled at the top of the financial food chain.

Why is this all important?

It is the politicians we elect that continue to pass the financial burden on the lower and middle class. Not only the president, but Congress and the House of Representatives also play major roles in how legislation is created. It is our responsibility to elect and support informed politicians that will increase taxes to help build a sustainable future as a developed country.

John Oliver goes over the recent budget proposal in a YouTube clip below.

Federal Budget: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)