14 Talks, 5 Panels, and Live-streamed Online.

AMP Conf 2017, which is short for the Accelerated Mobile Pages Conference, will take place on March 7 & 8 from Tribeca 360 in New York, NY.

Engineers from tech companies will be present to share their experience with building Web content via Google AMP. Companies that will be presenting includes: Google, Pinterest, BuzzFeed, eBay, The Guardian and many more publishers.

Web producers have been using AMP to deliver their products and news to users searching Google on mobile devices. When an Internet user goes to search a topic on Google with a mobile device, they will see a list of articles near the top of the search results for consumers to scan over quickly. These articles have a lightening bolt in the thumbnail to mark it as an AMP article.

We have been early adopting AMP protocols since the project first started in 2015. The AMP Conf 2017 will feature designers, engineers and product management covering the extended use of building content within the AMP platform.

Mobile design connects to the speed that websites deliver content. AMP continues to add new features such as scrollable carousels, advertising options, analytics and more.

“We piloted utilizing AMP pages inside our smallest mobile app and were extremely pleased with the results. With only a few hours of additional development work, we were seeing articles load 4x faster than in previous app versions. Additionally, pageviews per session increased by 25% – achieving our goal of both speed and engagement. With these initial easy wins, we quickly rolled out the AMP format to our other apps.” – Mario Lorenzen, Portal Manager, mh:n digital

On Tuesday and Wednesday this week guests will interact and engage with the latest developments at the AMP Conf 2017 in New York. Tune in for the live streaming starting tomorrow morning.

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AMP Conf: Day 1 Live Stream

Watch over the live stream from day 1 from AMP Conf 2017 on YouTube.

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