Pokey LaFarge. Photo by: Nate Burrell. Photo provided by: Sacks & Co.
Pokey LaFarge. Photo by: Nate Burrell. Photo provided by: Sacks & Co.

World Tour Supporting New Music from Manic Revelations

Pokey LaFarge has released a single ‘Riot in the Streets’ to his upcoming album Manic Revelations set for release on May 19.

His latest single ‘Riot in the Streets’ is a classic track that has serious replay demand.

LaFarge shares some of the songwriting process on the upcoming album.

“The manic revelation is the state where artists create. I got to the point in writing these songs where I felt like a house on fire that just kept burning.” He continues, “This album is about confronting yourself. It’s about confronting your city, its relation with the world, and all its people.” – Pokey LaFarge

He also goes on to provide background on the song ‘Riot in the Streets.’

“It is a tough thing to write about, but as a citizen of St. Louis and as an artist, I had to say something. Hopefully this song does more good than bad and, ultimately, gets the dialogue started. Although it’s also important to not forget the peaceful protests and those that spread the message of love in the pursuit of justice and equality, this particular song is about people being marginalized and brought to the brink. It was only a matter of time before they fight back. I hope you feel that tension in the songeven from the first bass click.” – Pokey LaFarge 

The band shares that the album was recorded in LaFarge’s hometown of St. Louis. Manic Revelations has 10 classic cuts that was produced by the Southside Collective—LaFarge, Joey Glynn (bass), Ryan Koenig (harmonica, guitjo, electric guitar), Adam Hoskins (electric guitar), Matt Meyer (drums, percussion), Luc Klein (trumpet, euphonium, piano, glockenspiel), Alec Spiegelman (saxophone, piano, tubax, organ, clarinet, flute), David Beeman (tambourine, stylophone, guitar, organ)—along with additional production by Tony Hoffer.

Pokey and his band are touring through Europe to destinations such as Berlin and London.

Their current summer tour dates for the United States include:

June 21 | Owensboro, KY | ROMP Festival

July 14 | Mount Solon, VA | Red Wing Roots Festival

July 15 | Greenfield, MA | The Green River Festival

August 4 | Wichita, KS | Wichita Vortex Music Festival

*appearing with Dwight Yoakam
Stream and listen in to ‘Riot in the Streets’ on YouTube.

Pokey LaFarge | "Riot in the Streets"