Solar panels. Photo by: ColdFusion / YouTube
Solar panels. Photo by: ColdFusion / YouTube

Solar Cell Production Costs are Expected to Cut in Half Every Ten Years

Energy production is in a major state of transition. Technology companies such as Apple, Google, Tesla and Amazon are all investing in solar power.

This is taking place at the same time as a preliminary budget has been sent to Congress that would defund the Environmental Protection Agency.


The large tech companies are aware of the benefits to renewable energy. They have a large demand for power to cool their servers. Apple has reported to have had an excess amount of energy at times for utilizing renewable energy.

The debate on cost for solar energy is over. Research how to install your own panels with instructional online tutorials. Take a look at some of the costs to solar cells on eBay. They are reasonably priced, and installation looks close to doing a roofing project connected with some electrical wiring. (When working with electrical wiring it is important to understand the safety precautions on the job site.)

Researchers and scientists have been developing solar cells for decades. They continue to find new ways to create and maintain energy with safer elements.

Each form of energy production has its pros and cons. One of the drawbacks to solar power energy production is the elements being used to collect and transfer the energy.

Bengt Svensson, a professor within the Department of Physics at the University of Oslo in Norway, has been working on clean energy production with solar cells. reports:

“These are going to be the world’s most efficient and environment-friendly solar cells. There are currently solar cells that are certainly just as efficient, but they are both expensive and toxic. Furthermore, the materials in our solar cells are readily available in large quantities on Earth. That is an important point.” – Professor Bengt Svensson of the Department of Physics at the University of Oslo (UiO) and Centre for Materials Science and Nanotechnology (SMN)

In addition to testing different materials used in solar cells, researchers are also looking to increase the energy output value. Advancements in technology continue to create opportunities for scientists to redefine a quality of life.

“We have managed to produce a copper oxide layer that captures three per cent of the energy from the sunlight. The world record is nine per cent. We are currently working intensely to increase that percentage to twenty per cent. The combination of silicon cells in the one layer and copper oxide cells in the other means that we’ll be able to absorb far more light and thereby reduce the energy loss. With this combination, we can utilize 35 to 40 per cent of the sunlight.” – Bengt Svensson.

ColdFusion goes over recent developments within solar energy production in the first YouTube clip. Find out the international adoption rate in comparison to the United States.

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