Tap Into the Genius from Chris Sacca

SXSW Interactive provided multiple platforms for developers, designers and producers to learn more about managing digital content this past March 10-14.

One way to find the upcoming tech trends and diamonds in the rough at SXSW is by going to the coding workshops and discussions.

Keynote speakers will have more industry knowledge, but to find original ideas and a strong center of collective consciousness, guests will have to dive deep into interactive events. Hacking meet ups is an excellent way to network at SXSW.

A popular trend that I noticed from one of the SXSW Interactive courses was the program on developing an Alexa Skill with a purpose.

For those unfamiliar with Alexa, it is hardware released by Amazon that picks up vocal commands. The field of vocal recognition is currently in rapid development, and SXSW did an excellent job of tapping into this new form of digital communication.

Machine learning in combination of vocal recognition is another emerging field of technology. Oscar Celma, Director of Research at Pandora, provided a discussion on machine learning at SXSW 2017. The music streaming service uses algorithms to create curated playlists

Chris Sacca, investor and activist, spoke with SXSW in an interview style discussion. Watch a preview to the interview on YouTube. Stay connected to SXSW on social media for updates.

A Preview of Shark, Billionaire, Activist: Chris Sacca — SXSW 2017

Stream the SXSW Interactive Keynote by Adam Grant on YouTube. He shares the pros and cons to developing a startup. His ability to share his failures and successes is informative and helpful when working on projects.

Listen to this entire speech to find out ways to expand the creative process by being self-reflective.

Interactive Keynote: Adam Grant — SXSW 2017