Navigation on the road. Photo by:
Navigation on the road. Photo by:

Uber Resumes Development for Self-Driving Technology in San Francisco

Last Saturday Uber shut down testing autonomous car technology development in Arizona following an incident on the road. They have been testing self-driving cars in San Francisco, Pittsburgh and Arizona.

Local news outlet with ABC reported that ‘A car failed to yield to the autonomous SUV and hit it, authorities said. The self-driving SUV rolled onto its side as a result crash.’

Uber also shut down development in Pittsburgh following the incident.

Today the company noted that they would return testing in San Francisco with an updated vehicle, along with backup human drivers for difficult moments on the road. It appears that tech companies are developing framework for one city at a time.

In the YouTube clip below by The Verge, they show that Uber plans to continue having human backup drivers for years to come. Complex driving situations should have an experienced driver making the final decision. Stay connected to Uber on social media for updates.

Riding in Uber’s self-driving cars