Vulfpeck album cover artwork for The Beautiful Game. Photo by: Vulfpeck
Vulfpeck album cover artwork for The Beautiful Game. Photo by: Vulfpeck

International Tour Dates in the United States and Europe

Vulfpeck, a funk group, continues to roll out new music and videos for their art. The band recently released a video for ‘Animal Spirits.’

They are touring the Midwest and sections of the United States in Spring, and heading over to Europe in the summer months. Several shows on their tour have sold out in advance.

Antwaun Stanley, singer in Vulfpeck, will be one of the artists at large at the upcoming Fool’s Paradise taking place in St. Augustine, Florida. That event is taking place March 31 and April 1.

Their United States tour kicks off in May with currently seven shows in a row sold out. They still have two dates with tickets available in Minneapolis, and one show their original hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Watch and check out their latest music. Browse over upcoming tour dates, and stay connected with the band on social media for updates.

VULFPECK /// Animal Spirits

VULFPECK /// Walkies

Vulfpeck on the Road

Tour Dates

Date | Location 

01 MAY : Minneapolis
02 MAY : Minneapolis
04 MAY : Chicago SOLD OUT
05 MAY : Chicago SOLD OUT
06 MAY : Chicago SOLD OUT
08 MAY : Toronto SOLD OUT
09 MAY : Toronto SOLD OUT
10 MAY : Toronto SOLD OUT
12 MAY : Ann Arbor SOLD OUT
13 MAY : Ann Arbor

26 MAY : Portland SOLD OUT
27 MAY : Sasquatch
30 MAY : Denver SOLD OUT
31 MAY : Red Rocks SOLD OUT
02 JUN : Los Angeles SOLD OUT
03 JUN : Los Angeles SOLD OUT
04 JUN : Santa Ana
06 JUN : San Francisco SOLD OUT
07 JUN : San Francisco SOLD OUT

08 SEP : Brooklyn SOLD OUT
09 SEP : Brooklyn SOLD OUT
13 SEP : Paris SOLD OUT
14 SEP : Paris
15 SEP : Brussels
16 SEP : Amsterdam SOLD OUT
17 SEP : Amsterdam
19 SEP : Berlin
22 SEP : Glasgow
23 SEP : London SOLD OUT
24 SEP : London
26 SEP : Dublin SOLD OUT
27 SEP : Dublin