Futurecraft 4D by Adidas. Photo by: Adidas / YouTube
Futurecraft 4D by Adidas. Photo by: Adidas / YouTube

The Element of Carbon Moves to Capture 3D Printing Industry Records

Adidas has announced recently that their Futurecraft 4D will be the first mass-market show to break into the mainstream.

The Futurecraft 4D is currently in production, and has been making big strides with their use of carbon to construct the shoes.


In the past, Adidas has worked with different forms of 3D printing to refine and redefine traditional shoemaking methods.

Futurecraft 3D 1. Photo by: Adidas

The Futurecraft 1D is shown in the photo. When you watch Adidas construct the 4D model, it looks like they have gone with new materials and machinery.

Adidas notes that the 4D model is the world’s first high performance footwear featuring midsoles crafted with light and oxygen.

Motley Fool reported:

‘Carbon is on track to become the tech supplier behind a momentous 3D printing industry record: Once production hits full scale, the Futurecraft 4D will be the highest-quantity mass-produced 3D-printed product ever!’

Watch over the two YouTube clips to find out more on the developments with the 3D printing industry.

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