Kids playing with water. Photo by: Thirst Project
Kids playing with water. Photo by: Thirst Project

Laura Marano, Alexis Ren, Debby Ryan, Andrea Russett, Cameron Boyce and many more set to be in Attendance

The Thirst Project is set to host the 8th Annual Thirst Gala on Tuesday, April 18 from The Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles.

This special fundraising event helps build awareness to the global water crisis that impacts the health to millions of people.

“It’s inspiring to see Hollywood coming together to extend a hand to the rest of the world where people aren’t as fortunate. All of our celebrity supporters, youth activists, sponsors and donors make ending the global water crisis possible. They are living proof that any one person can make an impact. Even a single drop makes ripples.” – Thirst Project CEO and Founder Seth Maxwell

The Thirst Project will be working with Morton Salt to give the audience an interactive way to give back. Morton will donate $100 for every social media post that Thirst Gala guests share of their experience using #MortonxThirst. The company has noted that they plan to make a minimum of a $55,000 donation.

OK Go is set to perform at the event. Their latest video for ‘The One Moment’ helped launched Morton’s Walk Her Walk platform which provided grants and promotion for Thirst Project and other good causes. Check out their latest music, and coverage on the work that the Thirst Project puts together on YouTube.

Thirst Project-El Salvador

OK Go – The One Moment