Coding on a computer. Photo by: Negative Space /
Coding on a computer. Photo by: Negative Space /

AWS Users Across the Nordics will be able to Access Faster Speed and Lower Latency

Amazon Web Services offers cloud computing to 16 geographic regions around the world. The company recently announced that they plan to increase development within infrastructure to Sweden in the upcoming months.

The company continues to offer global infrastructure in London, Tokyo, Mumbai, Ireland, Beijing, several locations in the United States, and additional international locations.


The company currently has six locations in North America.

Companies that deal with online transactions, or customer interaction, continue to search out the fastest methods to connect their customers with a reliable online platform.

Amazon and Business Wire reported on the CEO of AWS, Andy Jassy’s perspective on this business development:

“For over a decade, we’ve had a large number of Nordic customers building their businesses on AWS because we have much broader functionality than any other cloud provider, a significantly larger partner and customer ecosystem, and unmatched maturity, reliability, security, and performance.” – Andy Jassy, CEO, AWS 

The company has also noted that ‘AWS Global Infrastructure will expand with at least five new Availability Zones in new geographic Regions: Ningxia in China and Paris in France.’

AWS continue to expand their services to met the demand from an international community.

ASSA ABLOY, a global leader in door opening solutions, shared their point of view on utilizing the AWS workflow.

“With AWS, we have been able to develop and test new business ideas the same day they come up, allowing the project teams to build fruitful partnerships with internal stakeholders, such as business owners and project managers. This also allows us to bring new services, such as our Mobile Access solution, to customers worldwide, such as major hotel chains, who are using the solution to enhance their guests’ stay.” – Jan Hedström, Cloud Operations Manager at ASSA ABLOY

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